Information for GP's and Specialists


Healthvision is a specialist provider of home based care, community nursing, assessment services and community based rehabilitation. Our clinical team delivers a reliable service to people needing support to remain safely in the comfort of their own home.

Our commitment to customer service ensures every referral is immediately acknowledged and the patient is contacted the same day. Care planning and ongoing support is multidisciplinary and comprehensive, ensuring appropriate input from wider clinical and social networks.

Our Services

Homecare - personally tailored to meet individual needs ranging from complex care for people with high needs through to companionship and domestic help. This service is provided without charge to the patient for ACC, Disability Support/Ministry of Health or DHB approved care.

Community Nursing - our specialised community nurses are experts in ACC wound care management and serious injury supports, including burns. We ensure care continuity and an enduring link with the GP Practice and other funders. There is no charge for ACC approved Community Nursing.


Electronic Referrals - as a strong supporter of electronic processing Healthvision encourages electronic referrals. Referrals directly from your Practice Management System can be sent to the Healthlink Mailbox visionnz.

Faxed Referrals - our referral form template provided by the nurse in your area simplifies this process. These forms are also available via this link: Healthvision Referral Form.

Email referrals - please feel free to email referrals via

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