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Introducing Healthvision's National Manager Homecare

30th May 2018

It is with absolutely pleasure that I announce that appointment of our new National Manager Homecare, Jackie Long, who joined our team on Monday 28th of May.

Originally from Scotland, Jackie comes with exceptional management experience across all aspects of Healthcare. Her experience includes:

·       Managing large portfolios in the For Profit, Not-for-Profit and DHB areas, both in the U.K and in New Zealand.

·       Leading large changes at the NHS in the UK, including commissioning three mental health units.

·       Leading transformational change programmes in New Zealand, including the implementation of new services, technology and quality systems.

·       Managing complex healthcare business change in the community and aged residential care.

·       Holding governance roles, internationally and locally.

·       Being an active auditor with the DAA, where she still actively undertakes audits in the Health and Disability Sector.

·       Working as a registered Mental Health Nurse in both the UK and New Zealand, where she still holds active registrations.

·       Completing a post graduate certificate in Not-for-Profit Management.  

Jackie is an award-winning leader, known for her entrepreneurial, pragmatic, nurturing and collaborative management style, integrity, exceptional communication skills and willingness to help others.

She is a proactive, positive thinker and has a  strong focus on quality, service delivery and innovation.

We are arranging with Jackie a nationwide introduction schedule, where she will spend time in each region to learn more about Healthvision's client's, teams and initiatives.

She is very excited to meet our clients and our teams.

 Thank you very much for offering Jackie a very warm welcome.

Kind regards,

Dr Claudia Wyss, CEO Healthvision New Zealand

Healthvision NZ forms strategic partnership with BAYADA Home Health Care

6th March 2018


Hello there,                                                                                                                     

I am writing to share some very exciting news.

 As a passionate follower of best-practice healthcare, Healthvision has spent the last four years looking for a leading global partner who shares our vision, values and aspirations for care excellence and who can support Healthvision in our growth journey.   I’m thrilled to announce that in BAYADA Home Health Care, we have found that partner. 

In February, Healthvision entered into a strategic partnership with BAYADA, a world-class home health care provider headquartered in the United States, with operations in Ireland, Germany, South Korea and India. 

 This new relationship will enable Healthvision to access BAYADA’s innovative systems and practices, and achieve our goals of providing the best client experience, being the preferred employer and remaining the most innovative in-home care provider.

 As a 2017 winner of the U.S. Top Agency Award and 2018 winner of U.S. Best Homecare Provider of Choice, BAYADA is experienced and well resourced to assist us with our ambitions to achieve the highest standard of care for New Zealanders.

BAYADA’s founder, Mark Baiada, and his wife Ann are truly inspiring. Like Healthvision, BAYADA is founded on a commitment to excellence and high standards. From its beginnings in 1975, BAYADA has championed its core values of Compassion, Excellence and Reliablity. Also like Healthvision, BAYADA looks past disabilities to abilities, focusing on enabling their clients to live safely at home with comfort, independence and dignity.

Under our strategic partnership BAYADA has taken a minority shareholding in Healthvision NZ Limited alongside the Healthvision founders Sue and John Doherty.  We will also be welcoming another member of the BAYADA family, Mark’s brother Mel Baiada, onto our Board as a Director.  Mel is a Director of BAYADA and has an extensive background in homecare and the successful launch, funding and operation of new technology enterprises.   

 Over the last several years, Mark, Ann and the Baiada family developed an innovative path to succession. Instead of taking the company public, selling it to private equity, or passing it down to the next generation, the family decided to put mission over money. To ensure long-term sustainability and a lasting legacy, the organisation is transitioning the business into a nonprofit.

 We invite you to learn more about BAYADA at 

 Warmest regards,

Dr Claudia Wyss, CEO, Healthvision NZ

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ACC Survey on Assistive Technology

13th November 2017

ACC is seeking feedback for a research study on assistive technologies used by people with a disability.

Your feedback counts!

You can answer survey responses here:


Survey closes 15th December 2017.

 (Photo courtesy of Howard N2GOT -


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Pay Equity settlement for Support Workers

20th April 2017

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

Minister of Health

Media Statement

18 April 2017


$2 billion pay equity settlement for 55,000 health care workers


Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has today announced that some of the health sector’s lowest paid workers will share in a $2 billion pay equity settlement over five years.

The wage boost follows the TerraNova pay equity claim brought by E tū (previously the Service and Food Workers Union) on behalf of care worker Kristine Bartlett.

“This settlement recognises the work carried out by the 55,000 workers in our aged and disability residential care, and home and community support services across the country,” says Dr Coleman.

“From July 1 this dedicated and predominantly female workforce who are mostly on or around minimum wage will receive a pay rise between around 15 and 50 per cent depending on their qualifications and or experience.

“For the 20,000 workers currently on the minimum wage of $15.75 per hour, it means on July 1 they will move to at least $19 per hour, a 21 per cent pay rise. For a full-time worker, this means they will be taking home around an extra $100 a week, which is over $5,000 a year.”

For these 55,000 workers this funding boost will see wages increase to between $19 to $27 per hour over five years. Existing workers will be transitioned to positions on the new pay scale which reflect their skills, and their experience. For new workers employed after July 1 wages will be based on an individual’s level of qualifications.

A care and support worker on the minimum wage with three years’ experience and no qualifications will receive a 27 per cent increase in their hourly wage rate moving from $15.75 to $20 per hour from July 1. That rate would progressively increase to $23 by July 2021 and would rise further if they attain a higher qualification.

The $2.048 billion settlement over five years will be funded through an increase of $1.856 billion to Vote Health and $192 million to ACC.  ACC levies are set for the coming years, but may possibly increase over the next decade to support this. However, that is not definite. There may also be an increase in costs for people in aged residential care facilities, whose assets keep them above the subsidy threshold. This will be determined through the annual Aged Residential Care contract negotiations.

“To ensure the pay rises happen in the agreed manner, I will be introducing legislation to Parliament shortly,” says Dr Coleman.

“I would like to thank E tū, Public Service Association, New Zealand Nurses Organisation, and the Council of Trade Unions for their constructive and positive approach throughout the negotiations. I would also like to acknowledge the New Zealand Aged Care Association, Home and Community Health Association, and the New Zealand Disability Support Network for the vital role they have played in reaching this agreement over the past 20 months.

“I would also like to recognise the employers who will implement this new wage structure and pass the rates onto their staff.

“Home and community support, disability and aged residential care workers are widely seen as amongst the most deserving of recognition as a pay equity case. It is an historic moment for the Government to address this undervaluing with Ms Bartlett and the unions.”



Healthvision is helping transform Brain Injury Services

1st March 2017

Healthvision is helping transform Brain Injury Services

Healthvision New Zealand and ABI Rehabilitation have been working closely with the Ministry of Health, ACC, client and whanau representatives and other providers to help improve services to clients who have suffered from a moderate-severe TBI in the Auckland region.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common, however around 90% of TBIs are considered mild. Nonetheless for individuals who have suffered from a TBI, the personal and family/whanau impact can be substantial.

Healthvision and ABI Rehabilitation co-led a highly collaborative team to design a best practice approach for discharging clients from ABI to the community.

This includes service planning with the MOH and ACC Case Managers, better coordination of services, improved client and family/whanau information sharing and better tracking of outcomes.

Healthvision’s mission is to transform services and achieve the best outcomes for clients with a long-term disability or serious injury, and the TBI pathways work forms a key part of this goal.

To date, Healthvision’s clients have seen substantial benefits from its award-winning quality standards and unique wraparound service that integrates specialised homecare, nursing and rehabilitation expertise.

Importantly Healthvision’s expert teams can facilitate seamless care, maximise functional ability and help avoid unnecessary complications.  

The TBI work is ongoing and ACC will also be holding strategic discussion sessions in the Auckland Region as it develops its long-term TBI strategy, where client and family/whanau representatives will also be closely involved in helping design the best future services.

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